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Do you wish you could make extra cash with your Poshmark account? Well, now it's possible! And, not just by selling clothing & accessories. Offering your time, skills & utilizing your follower list can earn you some serious coinage. Open up a shop in our market place and offer your services!

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Why chose PoshMarket
  • Safe & Discreet

    Our policies are to never reveal your Poshmark info as public knowledge. That info is kept between you and your seller. Also, it is prohibited to communicate ON POSHMARK about services offered here.

  • Secured Transaction

    Once your services has been completed, and you are satisfied with the work the seller has done, you can then approve the job, and their funds are released to them. If you are not satisfied, you may open a dispute.

  • Top Sellers

    We have all different kinds of sellers, with different sized Poshmark accounts, skills & talents, and a feedback rating system that will give you the confidence you need when making a purchase, so you know you are getting the very best you deserve!

Service Categories
How does the PoshMarket work?
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  • Search For A Poshmark Service

    You are able to search for the Poshmark services you need, such as: sharing, closet management, virtual Poshmark assistant, graphic design & more!

  • Chose From Highly Qualified Sellers

    Find someone who fits your needs, for example: if you want your listings viewed by thousands of people, select someone who has alot of followers, and offering sharing services!

  • Fulfill Your Poshmark Needs

    Hire sellers to do the heavy lifting for you on Poshmark, you dont need to lift a finger, once you are satisfied with the work the seller has done, you may then release payment to them.